Bimbo Jones & Kathy Brown - Dance

Published on 24 May 2024 at 22:39

What happens when you bring two legends of house together, stellar producers Bimbo Jones and fabulous diva Kathy Brown?

You get this dancehall smash, “Dance” set to light up dance floors across the world.

Grammy Award winning Bimbo Jones (Marc JB and Lee Dagger) who are well known for pioneering their sound of uplifting funky house, remixing artists like Gaga and Rhianna, with 90#1s across the UK and US and a UK singles chart number 1 no less bring their energy and flavour to this modern classic song, ‘Dance’, to be released on the legendary dance music label Radikal which they wrote and recorded in London together. The track was inspired by the early days of rave and a nod to such anthems as “Strings Of Life”.

American dance and house singer Kathy Brown incredible disco/soul voice has been front and centre on numerous huge records of the last 20 years, including tracks with Namy, Soul Clap, Dr Packer & Dave Morales. She is perhaps best known, however, for her work with Praxis – a project by David Shaw and fellow producer Cevin Fisher - and No.1 smash Turn Me Out, co-written by Brown. She also achieved Singles Chart success in the UK and throughout Europe alongside the Billboard Chart and has made a huge contribution to the house genre over almost 30 years and continues to be a prolific performer and writer. She is as creative and ambitious as ever.

Release Date : May 17th, 2024