Mark Foster stage name Mark One London has been Dj'ing sence 1988 and played on the very best London radio station for the past 35 years

he also plays percussion since 1990 playing for many great party across the UK.

After just playing at home and at private partys to then progressing into the clubs and bars, soon after started Dj'ing on a local SE London radio station called Up Front FM 99.3 in the year 1999, whiles being resident Bongo man at Club Koo in Leicester Square.
Now playing at some of the biggest clubs in London & Kent also playing in Miami Florida at the Miami Music Winter Conferrence

Resident Dj on Urban Noize Radio

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Danny Vibes 


Step into the vibrant world of music, where melodies and rhythms come to life with the touch of a skilled artist. Among the talented musicians who capture hearts and captivate audiences is Danny Vibes, a remarkable keyboardist and percussionist. With his extraordinary talent and infectious energy, Danny brings a unique blend of melodies and beats that ignite the soul.

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Sammy B


Dj Sammy B is UK based in South-east London / Kent. He got started in Djing in the early 1990’s when he bought his first set of turntables.

Having older siblings who were into music when he was a youngster, he found that he was influenced by their musical tastes as there were lots of 7”, 12”, LPs and cassettes to listen to. He found that by making mixtapes and compilations for friends and family he received a lot of positive feedback. This led him to Djing at friends’ and family house parties and other social events

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Tim Spins

DJ Tim Spins has developed his DJ career over the last 20 years as a resident DJ and co-promoter at London’s prestigious invite-only event ‘Pengeparty’. Pengeparty which soared to notoriety playing monthly parties across the cream of London clubs. Pengeparty has twice been nominated for London Barcardi Club awards. It has also been nominated as the 3rd best party ever by Mixmag magazine’s ‘Top Clubbing Experiences’. I have also been signed to the Italian DJ agency Movida, flying out to play in Italy’s finest clubs.

I specialise in playing the cream of soulful house and more up-tempo funky house, paying attention to blending in a few disco underground classics – the foundation of house. I also love dropping some of the all-time classics to really get my set pumping. I am passionate about all aspects of DJing and club culture and can draw on vast knowledge and experience. I am motivated to play great music that will get any party started right and bring delight to my listeners.

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Victor Simonelli


In the vibrant world of house music, there are a few artists who have left an indelible mark on the genre, shaping its evolution and captivating audiences with their unique soundscapes. One such luminary is Victor Simonelli, a true icon in the realm of house music. With a career spanning several decades, Simonelli has earned a reputation as a pioneer, producer, and DJ who has continuously pushed boundaries and brought his distinctive style to the forefront of the global electronic music scene.


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DJ Goochi

DJ Goochi - collecting and playing vinyl since the mid 80s. An appreciation for underground dance music inspired by the 80s pirate radio scene in London and later from clubs like Body & Soul in NY.

"I like to play a spectrum of soulful electronic music".


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I Love Music, it takes away the headache and stress from everyday Life.
From 1993 I was just playing at home and at a few local parties to then progress in some of the squat raves around London.
Started internet radio in 2003 bringing KM from just a Thursday night to 24/7
Playing on the net to 1 person and growing it to having some of the best DJ's in the game was an experience.
I've had the honour of playing at some of the biggest clubs in London and did a show for Kiss FM "The Midnight Mix".


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