Mango- Shoot My Shot / Into Your Arms - R U SRS

Published on 3 June 2024 at 13:58

In our concerted effort to bring you new music and new artists from across the Bassline House & UK Garage spectrum

we believe we have stumbled upon a fantastic talent, based out of the North of England.

1/ Mango - “Shoot Your Shot”
We kick start the release with a hugely popular track on dub at the moment,

Mango offers up some swirling basses and echos building up to a quite rare to hear, male vocal bringing in the main drop.More whistles and banging bass ensues from the one named Mango, Who has certainly established his sound even so early on in his career.

2/ Mango- “Into Your Arms”
Closing out the release of another one strictly for the dancefloors.
We start off uplifting you with a female vocal on this and a quick drop into her evanescence style choire-sque style rhythm.

But before long it is business as usual.

This time dropping in some classic speed garage “wombs” for good measure and a beautiful breakdown to put your hands in the air too.


Mango drops his debut May 31st on RUSRS