Sam Bassline - Underground Flavas Part 2

Published on 24 June 2024 at 00:13

Speed Garage Maestro returns with Part 2 of his Underground Flava’s releases.

Sam Bassline has a scorching 3 tracker for us yet again so warm up those hot steppers and get your favourite Niche playlists ready to add this one, as its gonna demolish the dance.


1/ Sam Bassline “Find Me”

We`ll get straight into this one with some awesome stuttered vocals and reverse synth sounds, drill around for the first drop.

We then unveil a top UK Garage number laden with effects and heavy percussion which we are sure you`ll agree will certainly do the trick for any lovers of this Genre.

2/ Sam Bassline “Warpa Riddim”

Our second track of the release takes us back to Sam’s roots with a very short intro lead by the one and only Flavor Flav, that drops us right into a classic but grimey Speed Garage bassline of the classic variety.

Lots more vocal samples lay throughout the track and some finley placed spin back effects to bring the sound right back to the late 90s sound but with a unique Sam Bassline twist.

3/ Sam Bassline “So Sweet”

We finish off this Mammoth EP and Speed Garage tribute with classic organs and vocals everyone will love.

Vocals lead into a huge rise that crescendos into the perfect drop and classic organs echoing through the track, leading us right into the main section of the track with a perfect female vocalist that leads us into a key switch and more bass and rises.

Sam Bassline comes with the goods on this one for sure.

And Underground Flava’s 2 lands June 17th

Released by:R U SRS?EP release date:17 June 2024