Megumi Mesaku - Sensational Saxophone Virtuoso

Published on 14 August 2023 at 01:51

Megumi Mesaku, a name that resounds through the world of Reggae music like the sweet melodies of her saxophone, is a truly remarkable artist who has captured the hearts of audiences globally.

With an enchanting blend of technical prowess, emotional depth, and a unique musical sax style, Megumi Mesaku has established herself as a standout saxophonist.

You might of seen Megumi Busking in around London

Playing the tune "Silent Night" with her recorder from the age of 7. Megumi listened to punk music when she was a teenager before Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae Music .
She was once in a Japanese female punk band.

Saxy Rocksteady · Megumi Mesaku - Mafia & Fluxy

From Busking to Festivals 

We got to experience Megumi playing alongside the Legend Eek-A-Mouse Live @ReggaeLand Festival 2022

Here is another quality show with EEK-A-MOUSE, Mafia & Fluxy band and Megumi @Rototom Sunsplash Spain 2022

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