KNARS // World is Burning

Published on 18 August 2023 at 20:43

KNARS Releases New Song Highlighting Frustrations with Corporate Exploitation of the Planet

KNARS, the renowned drum and bass/breakbeat crossover band, has just unveiled their latest track that delves into the band's frustrations with the exploitation of the planet by big corporations. The song, titled "The World is Burning," combines elements of drum and bass, halftime, and rap, and lyrics that observes the world burning while politicians and bankers profit, and multinational corporations contribute to environmental destruction.

Martijn, the creative force behind KNARS, expressed his desire to address the everyday madness the world faces, stating, "Although the frustrations I express in my songs is usually more generic or personal, this is the first time I tried to be really specific about the everyday madness we're confronted with in the world." "The World is Burning" stands out from KNARS' usual material with its melancholic guitars and halftime hip hop-inspired chorus, blending a deeper sound palette with a "halftime" groove and deep bass sounds.

"The World is Burning" is part of a larger series of songs written by KNARS, each accompanied by visually stunning music videos. These videos present KNARS as the ultimate personification of Moshpitmusic + Message. As Martijn puts it, "If Rage Against the Machine would start off with a laptop." The music video for "The World is Burning" is one of 15 captivating visuals that KNARS has created, providing an immersive experience for fans.

“To amplify the song we made a video during COVID. We got all our friends together and told the story of how we’re filled in a world of masks, and how I could overthrow our corporate elite by infiltrating. Its an abstract and pretty tension filled video with police clashing with protesters and metaphors of workers burning down forests and bankers bleeding eachother dry.

KNARS is a dynamic band known for their innovative blend of drum and bass, breakbeat, and crossover styles. With a well-investigated and multtisyllable rhyming lyrics, KNARS delivers a powerful musical experience that pushes boundaries and sparks meaningful conversations. Through their music and visually stunning music videos, KNARS seeks to amplify their message and challenge the status quo.

KNARS has been destroying festivals and venues in their home country (NL), gaining praising reviews. They gained international traction as well, touring in Hungary, Belgium, Czech, and France and getting picked up by American, Russian, and English music blogs. In 2019 they made their single "Push it To the Limit" into the Borderlands 3 game trailer soundtrack, gaining 5 million views. Another song got released in a Netflix movie.